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A Message from Our Waters

PB: Lake Tahoe Press Release Informs Public about Volunteer Work at the Lake

Reno, NV, December 23, 2014 – For Immediate Release:
On August 20, 2014, New Millennium Dive Expeditions (NMDE), was notified by the U

PB: Sagres Monitoring Goals and Objectives

In July 2014, the Global Underwater expedtion vessel anchored off of Portimao and Sagres, Portugal to assist local Project Baseline divers with research and Project outreach. The aims of this team's ongoing research are mainly to determine the spatial patterns of distribution of fish, coral, sponges and crustaceans assemblages associated with Atlantic marine caves and to determine the factors that control them in a Marine Protected Area (MPA) of the Southwest of Portugal. 

Follow PB: Lake Tahoe's Volunteer Divers as they Organize into Full Fledged Citizen Scientists!

GUE and Project Baseline Collaborates with Acoustic Singer-Songwriter SJ

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest video showcasing our work in the Azores as a part of our 2014 Global Expedition for Project Baseline.

GUE Divers Discover 2,000 Year Old Sacrificial Altar

Divers from the non-profit Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) discovered a 2,000 year old sacrificial altar while exploring an ancient wreck in 400 feet of water.

Global Expedition Pushes on to France

The general diving agenda in France is to explore and document the seafloor and slope descending from the Collanques, which is a

Azores leg of Project Baseline Global Expedition

Press Release July 6th, 2014: At a time when the pressure of human activities upon marine ecosystems is increasing, it is important to gather baseline informatio

2014 Global Expedition Pushes onto Azores and Portuguese Coast

Follow GUE's research vessel as it makes it's way to the Azores.

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