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Project Manager Name: Silvia Waajen

Area Website:Not available at this time

Area Social Media: Open Group on Facebook

Area Description:The Boschmolenplas is an artificial lake. In the late eighties it was mined for gravel. In 1996 the lake was closed preventing a connection from the lake to the river Maas any more. The lake has some groundwater wells, as a result of this the lake has clear clean water.

The deepest point is around 30 meters, in the summertime a thermocline occurs but the lower layers maintain enough oxygen to stay healthy. Temperatures in wintertime can be as low as zero degrees while in summertime the surfacewater can reach 25 degrees. The most common life observed by our divers includes: perch, pike, roach, crayfish. A lot of artificial objects are in the water like wrecks, statues and reefballs. There are also three "practice platforms."

Divingschool Aegir Stingray exploits the Boschmolenplas. There is a compresser for filling bottles.

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