Groene Heuvels

Project Area Name: 
Groene Heuvels
Project Manager Name: Oscar Somsen

Area Website: Not available at this time.

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Area Description: Groene Heuvels is a recreational lake in the municipality of Wijchen, originated as a sand extraction site. The surface area is 0.24 square kilometer. The average depth is approximately 20 meters. The greatest depth is 27 meters. The bottom consists of sand covered by a mud layer of up to 1 meter at the deepest point. The shallow parts are covered with vegetation during the summer. The 2.3 kilometer shoreline is approximately 50% covered with reeds. The clear water offers little shelter for fish. The lake is populated with pike, perch and freshwater lobsters. There is no water flow. The lake is fed by rain seepage. Groene Heuvels is popular with Dutch and German divers. A group of divers created a number of stations that are now used for measuring sight and temperature.

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