Project Area Name: Sagres
Project Manager Name: Tiago Dores 

Area Website: Not available.

Area Social Media: 

Area Description:Located in the most westerly point of the Iberian peninsula and of the European continent, Sagres is a small village with a great range of sport activities to offer. The high cliffs and indentations in this area create conditions to dive all year round, and due to its location and the nature of its geological structures Sagres offers all type of diving. There are caves to be explored, wrecks with historical value, walls, reefs, deep and shallow dives and great biodiversity. The local community act as a great host, and Mar Ilimitado Dive Center is a GUE friendly dive center. This Project is monitoring two Stations. Catedral: Maritime Cave System "Catedral" and WWI Wreck Torvore.

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